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Hey, there!

I'm Sarah, Event Coordinator & Founder

I am very passionate about choosing to perceive each event as a way of serving others in a unique way, and I can’t wait to use my passion and skills in event planning to help clients host amazing events for their guests!

Photo taken by Sarah Zimmerman.

What are we?

I'm glad you asked!

Anytime After Three is a full-service

event planning and coordination business. 

We help host unforgettable

family, corporate, and wedding-related events throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.

My mission is to serve my community through respect, passion, and excitement as I plan, coordinate, and follow through each event.

Blurry Drops

Where does the name come from?

Whenever someone in my finance's family hosts an event,

the start time is always the same:

"Anytime After Three!"

This phrase has become synonymous in my mind with happiness, laughter, connection, and unforgettable memories -

and I hope it will soon bring the same for you, too!

Fun Facts



I'm a lover of all sweet drinks, specifically a strawberry margarita or a shirley temple.



I'm a dog mom and have a 6-year-old rescued Hound Mix named Caroline who loves being my office buddy when I’m working.



I love the beach. My family has always gone to OCNJ, and it’s still one of my absolute favorite places to get away and relax.



I'm engaged. My amazing fiance Kevin and I are so excited to be planning our wedding together for Summer 2024.



I watch British TV almost exclusively, I have a wide collection of British memorabilia, & I *try* to keep up with the Royal Family. 



I love going to the movies and typically go a few times a month. But, I don't like popcorn, so you'll find me snacking on some M&M's instead.

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