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6 Tips for Budget-Friendly Events

#1 Virtual Invites

Virtual invites are a cost-effective alternative to printed stationery. Check out my last blog for more reasons why I recommend virtual invites.

#2 Minimalist Decor

When it comes to decorating your event space, it’s very easy to get carried away. It’s important to take a step back and think about the experience from your guest’s perspective. Will this benefit them? Will these create a more enjoyable party? Or is this just to look cool? Does the cool-ness factor outweigh the cost? By opting to go for more minimalist decor, you can take some stress off your plate and avoid over-crowding your space, and of course, plus save some money along the way.

#3 Guest Participation For Food

There is absolutely no shame in asking your guests to contribute to the event. It’s easy to split up your menu preferences based on your guests. My one recommendation is to pick 3-4 close family members to bring something, as opposed to opening it up for all guests. This keeps it focused, organized, and you still have control over what types of food are brought, and more importantly, what quantities of food are brought.

#4 Guest Participation for Outdoor Decor

The same goes for tables and chairs, especially when it comes to outdoor events. If you’re having a party in your backyard, it’s very easy to ask a few family members to bring any folding tables, picnic chairs, pop-up tents, etc. This helps avoid the pricey costs of renting tables and chairs, plus the potential additional charge for delivery and/or pickup.

For comparison, to rent tables, chairs, and an average-sized tent from a local party rental company, you’re looking at a cost of several hundred if not a few thousand dollars. By asking guests to help out, you can save a big portion of the budget right away.

#5 Limit Your Guest List

As hard as it may be, limiting your guest list is one of the steps you can take to minimize your costs. Try to think about the event from your guest’s perspective: how many of them will actually enjoy being there vs. would only come because of a sympathy invite? It may be difficult, but if they would only come because they felt like they had to or because you had to invite them, then they probably shouldn’t be on the list.

#6 Use A Speaker

Music makes any room feel like a party, right? Well, that doesn’t always necessarily mean you need a full DJ setup to get people up and dancing. Try making a personalized playlist you enjoy and connect to speakers you already own to avoid an expensive DJ fee.


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